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In Villa Services

Welcome Hamper

To save you the chore of shopping immediately on arrival, we will provide an initial food pack to get your holiday off to a good start. This will be sufficient for a light meal on arrival and breakfast the following morning and will include bread, rolls, butter, milk, tea, coffee, sugar, eggs, water, ham, soft drinks, wine, fruit and salad (items may vary subject to availability). Please note that an initial supply of toilet paper, bin bags and washing up liquid will also be provided. Clients staying at more than one villa during the course of their holiday will only be provided with a hamper at their first villa. Please Note: Welcome Hampers are not included where a discount has been applied to the booking.


All accommodation is equipped with a fridge or fridge/freezer, cooker, kettle, iron and ironing board and sufficient utensils, cutlery and crockery appropriate to the maximum occupancy of the property. Barbecues may be gas or charcoal, fixed or portable. Extras such as washing machines, dishwashers, microwaves, TVs, VCRs, CDs, DVDs, where they are installed, are noted in each individual villa description. Please bring your own tapes, CDs and DVDs and a small supply of washing and/or dishwasher tablets, where appropriate, as these are not generally provided.

Satellite, Cable TV & Internet Access

Please note that where a villa description contains satellite and/or cable television, where advertised, it does NOT give access to the subscription channels (e.g. Sky which includes movies, sport and entertainment). Eurosport and News are usually available but may be the only channels available in English. Some owners have provided ‘free to air’ channels which will give access to a limited number of English terrestrial channels. Therefore no guarantee is given by us or the Owner that specific channels will be provided. If there is internet access at your chosen villa, there may be an access charge in common with many wireless ‘open zones’. Neither we nor the owner can be held responsible if the service develops a fault or is unavailable for any reason.

Maids, Gardeners & Pool Maintenance

The frequency of maid service is stated in each brochure description. The maids duties include general cleaning (but not washing up or personal laundry), sweeping the floors and cleaning the bathrooms. They will ensure clean bed linen is provided once per week and the towels twice per week. Please note that maids do not work on Sundays or public holidays and that the frequency of service includes the change over day. Therefore, if maid service is twice per week, the first clean will be on the day of arrival and you will only see her once more during that week. Maids do not dispose of household rubbish, which should be bagged up and taken to one of the many local public bins. Where it is indicated in a villa description that a washing machine is not available, for maid’s use only or that laundry is by arrangement, it should be possible for you to make a private arrangement with the maid to do personal laundry. Swimming pools need regular maintenance in order for them to remain in sparkling condition and the gardens need regular work. The staff, however, will be as unobtrusive as possible. Sometimes essential maintenance or repairs need to be carried out at the villa but any arrangements to complete work will be made with you in advance by your house manager. Should you notice anything that needs maintenance during your stay it is essential that you advise your house manager. The Owner will do their best to ensure that anything that needs repair or replacement will be done with the minimum amount of disturbance to you and your party.

Cots, High Chairs & Extra Beds

These are not in each villa as a matter of course but can be ordered in advance. The cots will either be foldable travel types or standard wooden frames, but not necessarily to British safety standards. In either case, cot linen is not supplied. Extra beds may be camp beds or divans and may be supplied at additional cost, subject to the villa owners agreement.