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Our Guide to Praia Da Luz in the Algarve

It’s no secret that one of the most pleasant and relaxing places to visit for a holiday in Portugal is Praia Da Luz. Often known as just Luz, it’s a resort located in the Western Algarve and is a highly developed yet unspoiled area. If you’re thinking of going on holiday to a place that has a lot of character, charm, and history, this destination should be on top of your wish list!

So, what’s it like and is there much to see and do there? In short, there are plenty of activities and points of interest to keep you occupied and having fun. Our guide will tell you all you need to know about this attractive part of Portugal.

What makes this such an enticing place to visit?

One of the great things about the resort is that it’s quite unassuming place! When you visit there for the first time, you’ll soon notice how homely and welcoming the area is. There are a plethora of beachside cafes and restaurants there and the whole tone of the area is quite relaxed.

It’s because of those reasons that it’s an attractive option for families wishing to go on holiday in sunnier climes. What’s more, public transport and general accessibility are excellent, and, as such, you don’t even need to hire a car. Of course, if you did decide to get a rental car, you’ll have even more options for exploring the Algarve and at your own pace too.

Things to do in Praia Da Luz

If you’re planning a family holiday, the good news is that there is no shortage of things to do.

One of the main reasons families, couples and solo travellers alike choose this destination is the beautiful beaches. It has enticing rock pools, plus numerous water sports activities that are on offer for all the family. The main beach here is covered by the European blue flag ensuring clean sand and water, perfect if you enjoy swimming.

If you want to learn more about the history and culture of the area, there are many local points of interest to visit such as the Roman archaeological ruins containing a spa, swimming pool and various rooms. Also, a ten-minute drive to the historic city of Lagos will reward you with plenty of sightseeing options.

Do you enjoy hiking and exploring? If so, you should consider taking a trip up to the breath-taking cliffs of the Rocha Negra! They are massive black granite cliffs formed over 150 million years ago from volcanic lava and offer a commanding view of the area.

Where to eat in Praia Da Luz

When you fancy a bite to eat, it makes sense to dine somewhere that offers an array of dishes and is suitable for all the family.

What makes this Algarve destination an attractive holiday destination is the broad and varied range of restaurants and cafes on offer. While each establishment caters towards particular cuisines and delicacies, most restaurants offer freshly caught fresh - given the location of the resort.

Villa Accommodation Options

If this popular holiday resort appeals, there is no shortage of excellent self-catering villa accommodation to suit all requirements including properties for small and large groups, nearby to the beaches or town and so on. Please view below a small selection of villas that are available to book right now.

Casa Cristal

Large villa, sleeps up to 12 with some availability in the summer.

Vista Praia

Sleeps up to 8 people and located right on the beach.

Casa Rosa Almadena

3 bedroom villa in the countryside on the outskirts of Luz but excellent value for money and a great location for exploring.

A Final Word

Many who visit Praia Da Luz often return because of all the reasons given and it’s easy to see why as there is something for everyone.